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Think Pink

Think Pink

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We’ve all grown up learning that when you look a certain way, bright colours aren’t for you. If you’re fat, wear black, bright colours will make you look fatter. If you’re dark-skinned, wear muted colours, bright colours will make you look darker. If you’re curvy, wear dull colours, bright colours will make you look “indecent”. And I don’t know if it was the same for you, but for me, bright pink has been a colour I have been terrified of the most. Because bright pink (eg: fuschia, magenta, etc) is just so…loud.

Well, it’s 2017, curvy is in, dark-skinned girls are RULING THE WORLD (have you SEEN Nyakim Gatwech), and I’m here to tell you, that bright pink is FECKIN AMAZING. The pink cold-shoulder mini-dress I’m wearing in the pictures is something I wouldn’t have had the cajones to try on, 3 years ago. It’s bright and tight, and short, all things we’ve been told to stay away from.

I’ll be honest with you. These rules are a bit tough to ignore when they’ve been ingrained into you, your entire life. So, what I like to do is, use these very rules to help me make eccentric and risky fashion decisions. Every once in a while, I go to a store (mainly Zara cuz Zara is love, Zara is life), and I’ll look for things that look super cute but which I “probably won’t look good in”. I’ll choose the fitted dresses, bright colours, quirky prints, oversized shirts, boxy silhouettes, etc. And I’ll try them on. I probably won’t actually feel cute in a number of them, but more often than not, I end up finding outfits that look amazing on me and that make me feel like a total BAMF. I found this dress on a similar hunt, during a massive Zara sale. It’s a straight fit, mini-dress that’s GREAT as both evening and day wear. You simply need to accessorise it according to the occasion. I paired it with tights, my favourite pair of white leather sneakers (also from Zara), an emerald green tote (Zara) and super, super bright teal lashes (L’Oreal Baby Roll), for brunch with friends. Et voila, I looked hella cute, and I honestly felt like I was oozing power and confidence because when you conquer a colour/outfit/style that you never thought you could, it makes you feel invincible. No joke.

As for wearing bright makeup, you know I always encourage experimenting with bold colours and styles. You can find more details about the look on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. But, for now, let me share with you, one makeup hack, that has revolutionised my lipstick game. Bright lipsticks can be scary because they always end up looking a bit messy, no matter how careful you are while applying the lipstick. The trick is to apply the lipstick as nicely as you can and then using a liner to line your lips. The liner will help clean up the edges, and if the liner is a shade darker than the actual lipstick, it will also make your lips look plump and gorgeous. By applying the liner AFTER the lipstick, you’re letting it really melt into the lipstick, thus preventing a sharp contrast between the liner and the lipstick. Use this trick and you will nail that bright lip EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

So this was all for today. I do hope I’ve convinced at least some of you to take a risk; to stick it to the society that has held you back from looking like the total BAMF that you are; to feel amazing in your own skin.

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