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Ithinkitsafashionblog started off as beauty and style blog, but has evolved into something more Personal. Over here, I talk about my personal style and popular markup and fashion trends.

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Hi, guys. So polka dots are back in style, as is mixing different prints. So I figured I’d give you all a short tutorial on how to rock these trends.


The first and most important trick is to know which prints suit you best. If you’re sticking to polka dots, know which type of polka dots will look best on you. Remember, the larger the dots, the more attention they’ll draw. If you want to look flamboyant and larger-than-life and super extra colourful and pretty, go for the multicoloured polka dots or large polka dots. But if you want something a bit more understated and chic, then I’d suggest small dots (in light colours) and a dark/sober base colour.

                                        Chiffon Polka Print shirt from Sisley

Polka dots are, without a doubt, incredibly pretty and feminine. So, in my opinion, they look best on chiffon. I know, chiffon can be a scary choice if you’re not very confident about your body. But I’ll give you the same advice, I’ve always given…don’t diss it till you try it. The chiffon will add a soft, almost ethereal feel to your look and enhance the femininity of your outfit. Plus, the semi-sheer material will add a little oomph to an otherwise simple look.

               Wide Round-buckle Belt from H&M India

Once you’ve selected the kind of print and fabric you want, let’s bring this look into the 21st century. Vintage-chic is a very appealing idea, but not all that easy to achieve. When you’re wearing vintage-inspired outfits, it’s very easy to go over the top and look like you’re on your way to a costume party. So here’s how you can pull off a retro-inspired look, the right way – you do it with the perfect accessories. I opted for a pair of striped palazzos to make this outfit look retro but super chic. The high-waist and the wide legs add to the vintage theme, but the mixed stripes add a modern element to the look. Plus it makes the look slightly more androgynous (because being chic isn’t just for the girly girls).

                                            Striped Palazzzos from Zara UK

Accessories are VERY important and can either make or break your look. I added two more on-trend items to my outfit to really tie it all in – a wide belt and classic white sneakers. The wide belt makes the outfit look stylish AF and very proper, while the sneakers add some fun to the outfit, making it look young and fresh. And the best thing about the outfit is that you can switch the sneakers for the pair of classic nude/white heels and it’s the perfect day-to-night ensemble!

                                          White Leather Sneakers from Zara UK

One final trick is to keep the look simple. This is not a look you want to over-accessorise or overdo with your hair and makeup. When you’re already playing with different prints, keep the rest of the stuff as simple as you can. Ditch the heavy jewellery, for maybe a pair of sleek earrings or maybe a few simple rings (just bands, no stone/jewel/pizzazz).

Eyes – Naked Ultimate Basics palette by Urban Decay, Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay, Lancome Grandiose Liner

Leave your hair the way it is (curly/wavy/straight). Go for soft, glowy makeup, with a nude/brown theme. I went for a dark nude lipstick (Whirl by MAC) and a nude-smokey-eye to complement the beautiful chocolate brown colour of my shirt. You can go with red lips too to add to the vintage/retro theme, but I wanted to keep my look simple and clean.

Lips- Whirl by MAC, lip-liner in Morning Coffee by MAC
Brows – Gimme Brow by Benefit
Foundation – Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation by Dior

So this was my interpretation of the vintage-chic look, that is so on-trend right now.But please use this article as a sort of guide to help you mould this style to suit your personality and your body.


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About me

Ithinkitsafashionblog started off as beauty and style blog, but has evolved into something more Personal. Over here, I talk about my personal style and popular markup and fashion trends.

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