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Dress to Impress…Yourself.

Dress to Impress…Yourself.

Up until a couple of years ago, my go-to outfit was a baggy t-shirt (from the men’s section) and shorts or ill-fitted jeans. I ALWAYS considered myself to be fashion forward. I mean not only did I know my Fendi’s and my Louboutin’s, but I could easily identify a Tarun Tahiliani from a closet full of Manish Malhotra’s Bollywood inspired madness.

And yet, I spent over a decade in shapeless clothing, all because I thought “oh those amazing clothes look good on MODELS, not on my pudgy self no no no. I’m better off in my over-sized tees!” From what I’ve seen, 7  out of 10 girls/women feel that way. In fact, a percentage of men do too (despite the perceived notion that men feel like supermodels, no matter how they look).

After coming to UK I realised that I didn’t have to be constrained by these outdated notions about beauty. But at the same time, I realised that nobody can EVER make me feel bad for attempting to look good, even if it meant conforming to common rules of beauty and fashion. Wearing makeup doesn’t make you “look like all those other girls ugh”. Wearing a sequinned dress when that is trending does not make you “oh so mainstream”. If someone has ever made you feel, that you wearing trendy clothes or applying makeup means that you’ve lost your individuality then you go punch them in the neck RIGHT NOW. Also, If YOU’VE ever made anyone feel that way then go ahead punch yourself why don’t you.

I decided to make my first fashion-related article about this amazing mustard yellow and blue, bell-shaped dress and my favourite, the “trench coat. Aww yiss.

This dress was my first bold buy (I mean c’mon it is blue and yellow and fitted and TINY). It caught my eye as SOON as I entered the store. So I sashayed my way to this little beauty (YES, I sashayyyedd), but my face fell as SOON as I saw the cut of the dress. It was short (hello thunder thighs) and there was no way it would hide my love handles. But I did something I had never done before. I tried it on anyway. The second I saw myself in the dress, I knew I had to buy it. I knew I could not care less about any sneers I might get from random people I didn’t know, because I felt FABULOUS in it…protruding tummy and everything. Two years later, the dress still makes me look fine as fuck.

I’ve always tried very hard to be edgy and different from everybody. Snooty as it may sound, I made sure I dressed in a way that I stood out. I used to keep my distance from clothes that the “crowd” would wear. That is probably why buying the trench coat was so difficult for me. Let’s ignore the fact that proper trench coats are slim-fitted and tend to look best on tiny waists. But what was worse was that almost eeevvverybody has a trench coat in this country!!! Buuuuuuut, once again, I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror and voila! I didn’t even care that FOUR other people were buying the exact same thing in that same goddamned colour, at that very moment. And that was it. I gave in to mainstream fashion as I bought my first classic trench coat.

I realise this article has been more..Deepak Chopra and less…Vogue. But I don’t think my fashion tips will be of any help if I don’t tell you how I learnt to love myself and became confident about what I wear.

All I wanted to say today was that the first thing you need to realise is that there are no rules or regulations in fashion. You must decide what YOU like as an individual. It might a funky pleather bag with a golden chain strap or a flowy and quirky yellow dress or a classic trench coat. If YOU love it, then don’t let anybody stop you from wearing it.

One final tip : If you like something but don’t think it will look good on you, try it on anyway because what you see in the mirror is very often, SO MUCH BETTER than the image you conjured up in your head.

Hope this helped! Let me know how you felt or if you have any questions, by commenting belooooow! Cheers!

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